Oh boy! I realized I haven’t posted in two weeks, but if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been on quite the vacation! And yes, this was straight vacation: nothing promised or received in return for content, just a getaway for a friend’s wedding and to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I’ll be posting more about it, and catching up on some more posts about Idaho, Michigan, and life, but in the meantime…


Have you gotten your tickets for Chicago Gourmet? There are still tickets available for Sunday, but Saturday is as gone as your cheating ex. For the past three years, I’ve been either out of town or in a wedding the same weekend as this mega food event, and gotten such FOMO.  I’m finally in town for this one and I can’t wait to attend.


There is a new omikase sushi restaurant in Chicago that I’m checking out this week with JaimeSays contributor Shilpa. It’s called Omakase Takeya, a seven seater restaurant in Fulton Market. It’s a Tokyo/Edo-style omakase  with fresh fish including kohada coming straight from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo!


I’ll be posting more about DuPage County coming up here.  I can’t share all of the details just yet, but there are a ton of fun things to do in this abundantly outdoorsy county outside of Chicago!


And finally, Eddie and I will be in Washington D.C. for a wedding in a couple of weeks and I would love any recommendations for late night dinner spots if you have them!  Leave a comment or DM me if you have any recommendations.