Case Studies

Chicago: Eno Wine Bar Enoversity Attendance, Fourth Quarter 2017

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The Enoversity case study was a partnership with JaimeSays and Eno Wine Bar in Chicago.  The objective was to increase awareness and ultimately attendance of the monthly Enoversity wine series through social media and blog posts.

Eno Wine Bar provided attendance for one to an Enoversity class in August 2017, as well as a 10% discount code  for any tickets purchased from September 2017-December 2017 using the referral code, “JAIMESAYS.”

Results as of March 2018: Out of a total of 74 tickets sold, 20 were referred to the event using the “JAIMESAYS” coupon code. That is a referral rate of over 27%!

In addition to the referral rate, JaimeSays provided the following coverage for the events:

Amsterdam: Partnership with Amsterdam Tourism Board and JaimeSays, November 2016

The Iamsterdam City Card
The IAmsterdam City Card provides local transportation and sight access in Amsterdam.

The IAmsterdam City Card case study was a partnership between the Amsterdam tourism bureau and The objective was to increase awareness of using the IAmsterdam City Card as a smart purchase for visitors to Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam tourism bureau provided one 60 hour Amsterdam City Card to

Results as of March 2018: