A Chicagoan and O&P professional by day, adaptive travel blogger every other free moment. I speak better than average French, had a ghost for a roommate when I lived in Maine, and love to golf.

Recovered from PTSD, I prefer the quiet and uncrowded over the trendy and bustling. That means yoga, faith in God, and practical footwear. It also means I like to figure out how to experience Chicago and other destinations without sacrificing comfort.  I hope to introduce anxious travelers to destinations that they may enjoy, and to bring unfamiliar destinations into a manageable focus.

JaimeSays blog was established in August 2016 as a means to offer insight on traveling for people with anxiety disorders or on the autism spectrum. With comfort and quiet in mind, I feature places and activities that are more suited toward this adaptive type of travel.  In my hometown, I features tips on how to best prepare for and experience tourist hotspots in the city of Chicago.

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I usually publish a new post every week, and contribute to other sites like Dave’s Travel Corner and 52 Perfect Days.  I am happy to collaborate and team up with appropriate sponsors. To contact me, simply email me at: jaimesaysblog@gmail.com.