A Chicagoan and O&P professional by day, adaptive travel blogger every other free moment. I speak better than average French, had a ghost for a roommate when I lived in Maine, and love to golf.

Recovered from PTSD, I prefer the quiet and uncrowded over the trendy and bustling. That means yoga, faith in God, and practical footwear. It also means I like to figure out how to experience Chicago and other destinations without sacrificing the comfort write about peaceful yet accessible leisure and travel activities.

JaimeSays blog was established in August 2016 as a means to offer insight on traveling for people with anxiety disorders or on the autism spectrum. With comfort and quiet in mind, I feature places and activities that are more suited toward this adaptive type of travel.  In my hometown, I features tips on how to best prepare for and experience tourist hotspots in the city of Chicago.

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I usually publish a new post every week, and contribute to other sites like Dave’s Travel Corner and 52 Perfect Days.  I am happy to collaborate and team up with appropriate sponsors. To contact me, simply email me at: jaimesaysblog@gmail.com.