I’ve teased this on and off for a couple of months, but now that the contract is signed, I can finally share some big news.  It may be totally irrelevant news to you, but it’s big news to me.

When I started blogging, it was because my then boyfriend, now husband, was/is not a big traveler. He prefers the comforts of home to any far away places.  While I wanted to get married in the Azores, he convinced me that staying in Chicago would be just fine.  Shocker, he was right.

Our celebration was at the restaurant next door to our apartment. Photo c/o Ryan Davis.

With new successes and responsibilities in the family business, I know that my life for the time being is going to have a narrower scope in terms of where I can go, and for how long.  Besides, I’ve still got loads to share about our honeymoon and the mother-daughter trip to the Basque Country! If I’m leaving the state, it’s just for weekends.

The best photo we got when we tried to take a photo together in Santander during our time in Spain.


Since I’ll be in the Land of Lincoln for the time being, I am thrilled to share that I will be sharing more about where I grow up and where, God willing, we will be moving and starting a family in the future.  That’s because I am this year’s Brand Ambassador for DuPage County!


There’s lots to do in DuPage County!


Starting just twenty miles southwest of Chicago, DuPage County is the healthiest destination in the state of Illinois with over 25,000 acres of bike paths, hiking trails, and green space.  I’ll be sharing with you more about what places to visit, things to do, and all of the best of this 38 town county.  I hope you’ll follow along as I discover the best of the suburbs!  Even before this official title, I did feature some places in DuPage County, which you can revisit below.

  Lunch near me Downers Grove | lunch close to me Dupage county | Lunch under $10 in DuPage | JaimeSays Looking for a place to get High Tea in the #Chicago Suburbs? Consider one of these #DuPage county spots for #hightea.

Are you familiar with DuPage County and do you have recommendations for places to check out in the area?  Businesses, restaurants, green spaces, you name it, I’m all ears! Drop your suggestions in the comment below or email me at JaimeSaysBlog@gmail.com!