When I began my packing list for the Upper Peninsula, there were so many things that I needed that I did not have.  First, there was the cooler.  With grocery stores and restaurants few and far between, I needed something large enough to handle the haul of meat, fruit, vegetables, and beverages that we would need for a week away.  Something told me that cerise limón LaCroix may not be a staple on the Lake Superior shores.  As our plans changed, we never ended up needing or using a cooler.

While my hiking boots were a major purchase when my cherished Asolo’s crumbled after 15 years, I hope to use those when I finally get my butt over to Waterfall Glen.

As part of preparation for my trip, I worked with two brands for essential items that I previously did not have: wipes and a travel toothbrush. Surprisingly, even with the detour of my summer plans, both WaterPura and MouthWatchers® came to the rescue.

As I help my mom with her recovery, I have been living with her about 90% of each week and then spending one day in the city. With the escalation of her condition and the quick succession of events leading up to her surgery, I quickly packed a bag for items to get me through a week outside of my apartment.  Two pair of shoes, five outfits for work, some workout attire, my bible, my computer, and a stuffed backpack made the trip.  While most of my makeup and moisturizers came with me, I forgot about the things to take makeup and nailpolish off.  I am completely out of whack; I keep moving back and forth from my apartment to my mom’s house, from my mom’s house to a weekend away in Lake Geneva or Las Vegas.  Each time, I leave or misplace something new and have decided to keep doubles of some of the smaller items that I forget.

WaterPura WipesWaterPura and Mouth Watchers
WaterPura Wipes: Safe. Gentle. Clean

I keep my WaterPura Natural Wipes at my mom’s house where they have come in handy for both my mom and also for me.  I am allergic and sensitive to so many animals and products, and find myself getting a bad reaction to many items labeled for “sensitive skin.”  Comprised of 99.9% water and 0.1% citrus extract, these wipes are gentle enough to take off my eye makeup without irritation.  While I thought these were great for makeup removal, they were especially handy for my mom.  Because of her surgery, she was not able to get her back wet.  We used the wipes nightly to clean her back without disturbing her incision.  It was non-irritating, non-abrasive, and did the trick.

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Mouth Watchers® Travel Toothbrushes are made using silver antimicrobial technology to ensure a germ-free toothbrush!

I also left my MouthWatchers® Travel Toothbrush at my mom’s house while I went back and forth.  This thing is more than just a regular old toothbrush.  First, it folds up to protect the bristles so that there are no water/toothpaste puddles around the sink. I hate those things, so the cleanliness aspect is a big draw for me.  More importantly, the silver embedded within the bristles create an antimicrobial environment, making sure that 99.9% of bacteria is eliminated from the bristle within six hours.  As someone who works in the durable medical equipment industry during the day, I am all too familiar with the use of silver and copper to create hostile environments for viruses and disease.

WaterPura and Mouth Watchers® may not have intended for me to use their products to move back and forth from my apartment to my ailing mother’s home, but these products have been integral in making sure that I had everything I need at both places.  While my thoughts have been disjointed as I struggle to manage work, life, wedding planning, and blogging, having WaterPura and Mouth Watchers® in my arsenal has helped me make sure at least my body and breath will be put together as I face each day.

Many Thanks to WaterPura and Mouth Watchers® for the product samples. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.