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Nothing is more fitting in the heat of summer than a nice sparkling wine. Dry and effervescent, sparkling wines are my go-to on a hot day when red wine doesn’t fit the bill. Instead, I like to have a nice prosecco. Dry, chilled, and bubbly, this Italian sparkling varietal is a personal favorite. Be it by itself or in a cocktail, Riondo Prosecco is one you can always find in my fridge. 

Riondo Prosecco Extra Dry | Prosecco Dry | National Prosecco Day | Wine Blogger
A Single Serving 187 mL Riondo Prosecco Dry
With no ability to save it for later, it is more cost effective and better for my waistline if I purchase my bubbles in single serving formats.

I was looking for a few small bottles of something chilled and bubbly to bring to a picnic at the Grant Park Music Series. There were some pretty pricey champagnes, but this screw-top Riondo caught my eye at a price point under $7. Not only was this prosecco dry and already chilled, it was affordable, small enough to carry a few in my picnic basket, and didn’t require a wine opener. 

The Perfect Accompaniment to a Summer Charcuterie Board? Individual Prosecco Bottles from Riondo. The screw tops are great for on the go!

It’s no wonder that I like Riondo Prosecco so much: it is Italy’s best selling Prosecco! It embodies the easy going nature of the Italian lifestyle without breaking the bank.  At an average of $12/bottle, Riondo Prosecco is a great way to add a little pizzazz to your dinner at home or, at a picnic with friends. 

Riondo Prosecco Extra Dry | Prosecco Dry | National Prosecco Day | Wine Blogger
Enjoying my Riondo Prosecco on a hot summer day on the screened in porch.

Riondo Prosecco Dry, Green, and Frizzante

The taste profile of Riondo Prosecco is quite unlike what I am accustomed to.   It was a kick in the mouth of green apple and lime, but rounded out nicely with a touch of honey.  The bubbles were very delicate, and seemed to pair nicely with the proscuitto and hard boiled egg on the charcuterie board.

Because Riondo Prosecco is so approachable, you don’t have to save it for a special occasion.  Growing up in an Italian family, sharing meals together on Sundays is a tradition we maintain.   My mom, brother, and I arranged to get together, and I was in charge of the “is it dinner, or is it a snack?” post-lunch meal.  On a day that was over 90ºF and equally as humid, our charcuterie board was heavy on raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and just a single cheese and meat to choose.  Delice de bourgogne cheese is amazing and tastes like butter, so the Prosecco dryness and effervescence is a great pairing. I used crystal flutes, but really any wine glass would do.  

Riondo Prosecco Extra Dry | Prosecco Dry | National Prosecco Day | Wine Blogger

Riondo Prosecco Three Ways for National Prosecco Day

Did you know that National Prosecco Day is Monday, August 13th?  If you plan on participating, consider enjoying some Riondo Prosecco in one of three ways.

Riondo Prosecco with Berries 

5 Ounces Riondo Prosecco

3-4 berries of your choice

Pour yourself a glass of Riondo Prosecco and add berries. Easy peasy!

Riondo Prosecco French 75

1 Part Riondo Prosecco

1 Part Lemon Juice

2 Parts Gin

1 Tbsp Sugar

Mix gin, lemon juice, and sugar well and pour over ice.  Top off glass with Riondo Prosecco and enjoy!

Riondo Prosecco Italian Mimosa

1 Part Riondo Prosecco

1 Part Blood Orange Juice

Mix and enjoy!

If these don’t suit your fancy, check out more fun summer cocktail recipes from Riondo Prosecco!

Riondo Prosecco Extra Dry | Prosecco Dry | National Prosecco Day | Wine Blogger
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