What is Quiet Travel?

Chicago Quiet Travel

Whether in a city or even in a park, it is often challenging to find a quiet spot away from crowds or hubbub.

Taking the time to seek out uncrowded, quiet spaces shouldn’t be a chore, and shouldn’t limit places to visit.  Here, you’ll find tips and articles about the less traveled, quieter spots of cities and tourist destinations.

Who Can Benefit from Quiet Travel?

The prevalence of autism and anxiety disorders is on the rise. As of 2016, the Centers for Disease Control state that one of every 68 children has some form of autism.

The National Institute of Mental Health states 18% of U.S. Adults suffer from an anxiety disorder.

The unrest and unfamiliarity associated with travel can trigger fear and anxiousness, particularly in crowded or confined spaces. This site aims to provide readers with uncongested and quieter attractions in even the busiest of cities.

Why is Quiet Travel important to me?

In 2010, a violent tragedy resulted in PTSD for every member of my immediate family. The effects on our behavior and personality were stunning, and it felt like we would always live a life of irritability and fear. We went through the motions, but essentially missed out on life for two or more years. The residual anxiety and irritability is minimal, although certain triggers remain.

On a daily basis, I’m in contact with people suffering from anxiety disorders, the effect of aging, traumatic brain injuries, Aspergers, and autism.  Seeing the limitations and the struggles that new environments place on these people made me want to do something to help.