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JaimeSays | Purposefully Quiet TravelAs a content creator for, much of my focus is on quiet travel in and around Chicago. I publish multiple articles each month about visiting Chicago as a traveler with anxiety or ASD. 30% of my readers are located in Chicagoland, so I also cover destinations easily reached from Chicagoland.   For major tourist destinations, I give my thoughts and tips on how best to avoid the crowds and navigate hotspots.  I also cover other cities and places  that are considered quiet or underrated.  Past brand partnerships include international and domestic partners such as I Amsterdam and Amazon Prime.

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My travel schedule is limited and often books up months in advance. Any distance travel would be considered with appropriate lead time.  Chicagoland attractions and drive-to destinations from Chicagoland are much easier for me to consider.

I consider product and destination sponsorships that align with the scope of my blog.  I work with several tourism boards and destination marketing organizations regularly.

Contact me at if you think we would make a great team!