As a wine lover, I get the opportunity to try new wines and also, new gadgets. An aerator and wine dispenser in one, the VinOstream is a small and easy to use tool for everyday use or when hosting a meal at home. Inside the package is a rubberized wine cork attached to a wine-dispensing nozzle, a plastic tube to connect to the nozzle and insert into the bottle, and two air canisters.

I tried out the product on a bottle of Montelpuciano d’Abruzzo that has bested me recently.  As anyone who knows a thing or two about wine knows that bold reds and aged wines sometimes need aeration. Not all the time, but occasionally.  This wine was the perfect bottle to try out the aerator. Right out of the bottle, this particular vintage of Montelpuciano d’Abruzzo tastes like pure dirt or manure.  Not appealing!  Even with a simple decanting, it took about an hour for the wine to taste pleasant.  With a quick use of the VinOstream, the wine was instantly drinkable. Instead of dirt, it tasted like dark fruit and leather.  Particularly good, Italian leather.  What I had previously waited for one hour for, only took moments.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the efficacy of the VinOstream, I highly recommend it for any wine lovers in your life.

Of note: Human error is real.  The directions on the box seem to indicate to press down the air canister into the top of the wine to prep it. Don’t do that without a glass underneath otherwise you will get wine everywhere, as shown in the video above. Simply place the air canister into the top of the wine bottle without pressing down. Once you are ready to fill your glass, then you can push down on the air canister.

It’s not on Amazon yet, but you can get your VinOstream here.