I am ready for spring! I am ready for warm weather and getting sort of stir crazy waiting for a warm enough day to leave the house.

April has been delightfully slow for me, but things are about to ramp up for the foreseeable future. After all of the running around in March, it’s been a welcome reprieve.  One of my favorite podcasters introduced me to the Pivot Questionnaire, aka the final series of questions from Inside the Actors Studio. It’s one of the more unique quizzes I’ve read, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.


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Because maybe you want to know a little more about me

What is your favorite word?


What turns you off?

Having to explain something more than once or twice to someone.  I’m not a good teacher.

What is your least favorite word?



What is your favorite curse word?

F*ckery, but I don’t use it because I am not too keen on cursing.  When I hear someone else say it, it usually gives me a laugh.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

Success.  When I start to succeed at something, I’ll want to continue working hard.  If I’m not doing well at something, I get discouraged pretty easily.

Come back next week for answers to the final five questions of the Pivot Questionnaire!

Links I'm Loving

Have you checked out all of the events in Chicagoland that I’m digging this month?  There are also some previews of what is to come in May!

Come May 25th, this Chicago rooftop opens for the season, and it can’t come soon enough!  I’ve never been before, but as this may be our final year living in the city, we’re doing everything we can. 

Looking for some dog friendly hiking in the San Francisco area?  Check this out.

I love this post for preparing for a day at the beach.  When I sneak off to my favorite beaches of Chicago, I usually forget at least one thing.

I’ve been really wanting to go to two places recently: Vietnam and Merida.  Have you been to either place?  Let me know what you think!

Do you drive an UBER® as your side hustle?  CARGO has partnered with Uber to offer food and drinks for sale on your ride. You can make an extra $300 a month!  I’m always parched and hungry after a flight, so I get the impression this will be a big hit with frequent flyers.