It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a life and links update.  While this site started off as a travel blog, I hope/think some of you are also interested in knowing more about me and my background so I’m happy to share some nuggets about myself. I’m also asking for opinions on my dilemma, so if you could leave a comment in the comments section of this page, I’d appreciate it!

-On my Mom’s Health-

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My mom and I went to the Bruno Mars concert for her birthday Too bad he did not go on until 9:30pm because we were exhausted and called it quits early.

There’s been a much needed lack of excitement in life in the past month as we wait for my mom to heal after her surgery. While she is back to working out and feeling great, she was cleared for chemotherapy as part of her standard of care.  She also qualified to participate in an immunotherapy study that is currently only being offered at Rush University Medical Center.  We’ve been so grateful for this, but have run into issues as her insurance is out of network with Rush. Since this study is the only one of it’s kind in the country, we’re hoping that her insurance (that costs $12K a year before her $6K deductible) will make a gap exception and consider payment for her treatment at Rush.  This hiccup is the major reason why the Affordable Care Act needs to be replaced. The cost of insurance for those of us who do not work for major corporations is insane, and the doctors we are allowed to see is much more limited than it once was. We are praying for the insurance to see this as a needed exception.

-On a Dilemma-

I have to admit that it’s been difficult realizing that my travels this year are limited by major life events more so than finances or availability.  My current predicament is one on which I would love your input in the comments below. As of April, I secured participation on my second press trip of the year. It’s for a really neat destination for four days in the coming weeks.  Of course, it just so happens that the day I leave is the day that my mom is scheduled to receive her first chemotherapy treatment.  My mom’s sisters have other major life issues scheduled that week, and my brother’s non-involvement is par for the course. Her best friend is taking her to treatment, and I plan on asking some other family and friends to pop by to check on her over those four days.

I am by no means a martyr, but I really have been looking forward to this press trip.  I’ll get to meet many of the people I’ve engaged with online (Hi Romeo and Katherine! Hi Alexa!) and learn from their expertise. I can’t put into words the disbelief I feel at the timing of this. My friends and extended family stopping in will be such a blessing, but I’m worried about if I should stay or go. If you have any advice, drop a comment in the box below.

-On Wedding Planning-

I completely put wedding planning on hold for the first couple of months.  Then I realized it was really strange that we hadn’t planned anything yet.  We hope to have a totally nontraditional wedding/wedding events.  Eddie has student loans he still is working on, and I would much rather save our money to buy a house.  It makes my skin crawl thinking of spending all kinds of money on a party that lasts one day.  It is gorgeous when people have the resources to do that, but we don’t. Besides, I generally hate to be the center of attention so our anti-wedding wedding is going to be great, whatever ends up happening.  If we have it locally, we already have a date in mind that is meaningful to me.  If it’s not local, all bets are off!

-On Upcoming Travels-

Juggling my home life, work, and a travel blog is more challenging today than it was just four months ago.  Weekend getaways will be kept to a minimum, which actually invigorates me to explore areas of Chicagoland that I’ve not visited.  I’ll be heading to New Orleans when I stand up in one of my friend’s wedding. Unfortunately, it means I will be missing Open House Chicago, my favorite yearly Chicago event.  Since it also requires missing two days of work and the four days immediately post-chemo treatment number four, if I need to adjust the days I’m gone, I’ll figure it out.  The beauty of flying Southwest!


-Links I’m Loving-

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